Exploring Pennsylvania’s Neighbors: A Guide to the States that Border the Keystone State

## Short answer what states border Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania is bordered by six states, namely New York to the north and northeast; New Jersey to the east; Maryland to the south; Delaware to the southeast; West Virginia to the southwest, and Ohio to the west.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Identify the States that Border Pennsylvania

For geography buffs and travelers alike, knowing the states that border Pennsylvania can come in quite handy. Whether you’re planning a road trip or just simply interested in U.S. geography, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the details on how to identify which states share a boundary with Pennsylvania.

First things first: it’s important to understand that Pennsylvania is located in the Northeastern region of the United States. Its surrounding borders are made up of six different states; New York to the North, New Jersey to the East, Maryland to the South (which also shares a tiny portion of West Virginia), Delaware to the Southeast and finally Ohio along its Western edge.

Now let’s dive into each neighboring state‘s unique characteristics that distinguish them from one another while giving some geographic insight:

New York – Borders ‘The Keystone State” mainly on its Northern end creating over 300 miles of shared lines between both regions. The border here is largely formed by Lake Erie towards northwestern PA as well as Allegany Mountains near southwestern NY. Upstate New York boasts an abundance of natural landmarks including Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen State Park, and Adirondack Park among many others.

New Jersey – A considerably shorter neighbor compared against other ones but packing tons of history within about eighty miles they share at their borders. Most notably sharing Delaware River waterways together before emptying out into southward Atlantic Ocean yet famous NJ beach towns significantly fall short when considering Eastern shores like Miami Beach or LA beaches area around Venice and Malibu .

Ohio – At nearly 96 miles long border, Ohio stretches alongside mostly western counties starting from northeast corner down south through shorelines spanning more than half-state wide along Lake Erie onto our southern meets near PIA/Wheeling Panhandle where two states merge for bit before dividing again back toward Pittsburgh metropolitan city center.

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Maryland -This proud eastern coast state not only swings roundabout circa ninety nine mile section which intersects Bradford and Cumberland Counties of Keystone State but also claims few communities situated deep within PA’s Southwestern mountains where most haven’t been updated since the colonial period. From Maryland, an insight Marine operations can be monitored with coastal cities such as Baltimore and Ocean City while access along I-695 Balt-Wash Parkway allows tourists visiting in order to take advantage of its affordability culture by exploring Antietam National Battlefield Memorial Park or ice skate right on the Potomac riverfront at Canal Place.

Delaware – Placing about 44 miles along southern borders, Delaware doesn’t blow away anyone’s mind-traveling northbound on interstates connecting these two; however Dover International Speedway is home to one two NASCAR races every year aside exciting historical sites.

Pennsylvania shares a combined border length of approximately 345 miles that span across six states: from western-most Ohio all way passing through New York region up northeast corner stretching down SW zone toward main intersection meeting lastly around Delmarva Peninsula into southeastern end! Understanding and recognizing Pennsylvania’s neighbors can provide unique insights when planning your next vacation or journey throughout America

Step-by-Step Instructions for Identifying and Learning about Pennsylvania’s Bordering States

Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State due to its central location in the northeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by six states: New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

Whether you are a student studying geography or just an individual who loves learning about different places around the world, identifying and learning about Pennsylvania’s bordering states can be a fun and educational experience. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to do this:

Step 1: Get familiarized with a map of Pennsylvania
The first thing that you need to do in order to identify and learn about Pennsylvania’s bordering states is to get yourself acquainted with a detailed map of Pennsylvania. By doing so, you can easily visualize where it is situated within the U.S., including its neighboring countries.

Step 2: Start exploring adjacent northern state – New York.
Once you’ve become familiar with a map that shows Pennsylvania’s geographical location within the United States, start exploring its closest neighbor up north — New York.

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New York borders with Canada which makes it eligible for trading practices under NAFTA agreement making this state economically more vital than others nearby. Known for breathtaking natural wonders like Niagara Falls & Adirondack Mountains along with other popular destinations such as NYC make NY one great place to explore both culturally and naturally speaking!

Step 3: Continue Counter-Clockwise exploration (Ohio..West Virginia.Maryland).
After getting all these insights into Northern border neighbor [NY], let us move counterclockwise towards Ohio – another significant industrial hub renowned for manufacturing automobile components across US & many foreign clients from Europe.

Heading south-westwards we reach ‘Mountain State’ aka #wv where vast forest reserves await those seeking peace away from chaos while gazing at Appalachian peaks in awe! Next in line comes Maryland connecting PA through I-83 highway important trade route not only between two states but DC-NJ-Southeast US.

Step 4: Must-Visit-East-Coast – Delaware and New Jersey.
After completing the southwestern arc of Pennsylvania’s bordering states, it’s time to head eastwards now moving along Deleware. Similar State as PA in terms of its land developments mostly suburban areas streching along Atlantic but also a state known for historical significance during colonial era with cities such as Wilmington [largest city in DE] having significant importance among trade relations around this region.

Last yet not least comes The Garden State, aka “New Jersey,” rounding out our exploration among neighboring states– can’t have enough appreciation when we talk about NJ after all – home to many celebrities including Tom Cruise & famous spots rich history cherishing the arts & culture scene across Manhattan.

By following these simple step-by-step instructions, identifying and learning about Pennsylvania’s bordering states becomes both achievable and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions about the States Surrounding Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state that has plenty to offer its residents and visitors alike. With diverse terrain from the Pocono Mountains to the Philadelphia skyline, Pennsylvania offers an array of experiences for people of all interests. However, those who live near or travel frequently through this state often have questions about neighboring states. So without further ado, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about the states surrounding Pennsylvania.

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What are the States Surrounding Pennsylvania?

There are six contiguous states that border Pennsylvania – New York to the north; New Jersey to the east; Delaware and Maryland to the south; West Virginia (one of two non-contiguous) and Ohio to the west.

What Makes Each State Unique?

Each state has something unique that sets it apart:

– New York: Boasts one of America’s most famous cities –New York City! But outside of NYC they also have Niagara Falls.
– New Jersey: Known by many as “The Garden State,” but also you might forget after being there Atlantic City!
– Delaware: The first state in America with beaches like Rehoboth Beach along with tax-free shopping.
– Maryland: Landmarks like Baltimore Harbor and National Aquarium are here just waiting for you.
– West Virginia:The only thing almost everyone can think of is coal mining when thinking about WV, however their outdoor spaces features lush forests and mountains perfect for hiking such as Harpers Ferry / Antietam Battlefield
they do have “wild & wonderful” white-water rafting too!
– Ohio: Has big cities including Cleveland for museums lovers , Columbus which home Buckeyes football team-famed Ohio Stadium while Cincinnati known for chili dogs smothered in cheese!

What Are Some Popular Tourist Destinations?

Some popular tourist destinations include:

In NY:
-Niagara Falls
-New York City

-The Boardwalk at Atlantic City
-The Liberty Science Center,
-Cape May

-Ocean City,
-famous Naval Academy

-Cleveland Museum of Art and Rock n Roll Hall of Fame,
-Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie,
-the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

-The Greenbrier Resort ,
-Harpers Ferry / Antietam Battlefield

-Rehoboth beach for a classic boardwalk experience but no sales tax!

What is the Best Time to Visit Each State?

Each state has its own peak visiting seasons:

– New York: The fall due to gorgeous foliage all over!
– New Jersey: May through September since their coastlines are popular during summer.
– Delaware:The beaches season start from Memorial Day to Labor day.
-Maryland:. Late spring and early autumn as summers can be scorching hot, don’t forget crab season starts in April until mid-November which is when some of the best seafood restaurants offer crabs at discounted prices.
-West Virginia: All depend upon your interest with Summers being warmer while winters sporting white sheets of snowfall , Springtime featuring hill-size daffod