Exploring the Neighboring States of Pennsylvania: Which Ones are Closest?

Short answer which state is near to Pennsylvania:

The states closest to Pennsylvania are Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey.

Navigating Geography: How to Determine Which State is Closest to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, is located in the Northeastern region of the United States. With borders touching six different states – New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio – it can be a bit confusing to determine which state is truly closest to Pennsylvania.

Geography is all about location and spatial relationships. One way to figure out which state is nearest to Pennsylvania would be to refer to a map of the United States. A glance at any standard US map shows that Connecticut and Rhode Island are both very close in proximity with only a small section of upstate NY separating them from PA. However, if you’re looking for something more precise than just eyeballing regions on your favorite wall hanging atlas or classroom globe then read on as we delve deeper into geographical explanations!

While distance (as measured by how far two places are apart) plays an important role here, geography also takes into account factors such as accessibility via transportation routes like highways etc., terrain profiles i.e lots mountains versus flat lands leading up to certain destinations; ultimately determining which spot has better logistics could sway some opinions too.

In terms of physical distance alone: The eastern border of PA with NJ would appear seem closer than say MD but driving time between might vary significantly due traffic conditions & various route variations possible through each respective counterpart’s highway networks! Using traditional logic however one may assume these more ‘mathematical’ methods have remained popular since they do serve well enough under most circumstances– large cities tend occupy populated hubs making estimating usually quite easy for those who prefer less detailed assessments; yet armed with robust geographic data paves way comparative evaluation across locations within necessary consideration no matter personal motives professional calculations

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Driving distances from interstate entrances across neighboring city centers reveal that Philadelphia seems centered geographically among territories bidding closest vicinity importance — thus arguably representing not only midway point many nearby areas themselves directly reflecting higher level urbanity proper services other desirable features indicative general desirability when evaluating which state could be closest Pennsylvania.

The methods discussed here will certainly help you navigate your way around geography and determine which state is closest to Pennsylvania with greater precision than most folks (gulp!). With so many things to consider, it’s safe to say that determining proximity between two locations demands a deeper understanding of both physical distance and other factors like access routes or urban development plans etc., in order for us all – regardless personalities personal interests – make better-informed decisions each day.

Step-by-Step Guide: Finding Which State Is Nearest to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is located in the northeastern region of the United States. It has borders with several states including Ohio to the west, New York to the north and east, Maryland to the south and West Virginia as well.

To determine which state is closest to Pennsylvania may seem simple but there are factors like topography and travel time involved depending upon your mode of transportation; however, here’s how you can make this determination step-by-step:

Step 1: Get out your map:
The first thing you should do when trying to figure out what state is closest to Pennsylvania is secure yourself a map. Several mobile apps like Google Maps could work too if they contain geographic data for other neighboring states within US territory.

Step 2: Mark Your Location
Locate where exactly in Pennsylvania are you starting from on the map? This will be critical information while initiating your search.

Step 3: Locate Neighboring Areas/States:
Starting by looking directly North East through Maine would appear in Vermont, followed upstate New Hampshire without any adjoining territories towards their right-hand side boundaries ending at Massachusets; then Rhode Island after Connecticut capping both Massachusetts & New York State respectively perfectly sandwiching its (RhodeIsland) sizeable chunk cutting into LI Sound preceding cutaway Long Islands border division.

Next it’s easier narrowing down Southeastern points though Delaware being directly South, towards Southwest follows boundary shared with ‑. District Of Columbia Not Applicable&if around Detroit over Lake Huron since Michigan somersaults above bottom edge extreme end ShareIt!

This leaves us approximately four choices: Ohio (to our western border), Maryland(to our southern neighbor)…,New Jersey (which lies East across Delaware Bay) and finally, New York (our northern neighbor).

Step 4: Calculate Distances:
After identifying the neighboring states highest possible probability as being closest to your desired location; it’s important that you calculate distances. The most common way of doing this would be by using GPS or any distance calculator app.

Using a measureable unit for example miles/kilometers can also assist in approximating proximity in relation to preferred locations &if considering different travel options like driving/biking/walking etcetera.

In Conclusion,
With these simple steps above, now you can determine which state is nearest to Pennsylvania with reasonable accuracy and confidence. But remember that factors such as time taken during transit, traffic conditions, terrain/topography play a significant role when making final calculations when choosing between two adjoining territories.

Located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, Pennsylvania shares borders with six other states: New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio and West Virginia. However, only four of these states are within a hundred miles radius which makes choosing the closest state a little less daunting.

The shortest distance between any two points on earth is always a straight line. If we were to take a bird’s eye view at PA from above like Google Maps does (with no mountains or rivers), we’d see that our neighboring states are arranged almost perpendicular to it – NY is located north-east while DE sits south-east. Hence without further ado let’s explore:


To begin with, let’s look up North where we have her majesty – New York State! The Empire State actually shares a long border with PHILADELPHIA (one hour flight; roughly 80 minutes drive). So if you’re living in Philly or somewhere close by this gives NY an advantage because you could be taking home-made Aloo-gobi recipe for lunch then make it just before dinner time at your friend’s house in under 4 hours.

Despite its proximity though there isn’t much difference when you compare their cultures apart from Buffalo Wings vs Cheesesteaks debate fans can indulge themselves.


Maryland seems like another good contender since Washington D.C., Baltimore & Annapolis all share borders with Pennsylvania via various roads making each city accessible by car easily.

A journey from Harrisburg PA takes about 90 minutes door-to-door placing Maryland as second closeseastern neighbor after dividing premier locations into commute zones.

Just bearing five miles away across Mason-Dixon Line lies Hagerstown City in Maryland. Considering Philly is the most populated city of Pennsylvania and Baltimore has a strong presence both politically and financially, it makes sense to build bridges between them via inter-state transit for business or leisure purposes including Chesapeake Bay.


Home to almost 1 million residents, Delaware boasts many benefits like tax-haven status, top-ranked schools & affordable living making it an attractive option when considering proximity.

From Chester County PA – The Corporate Capital of Pennsylvania where big businesses have major operations are situated just on other side of Delaware State-line around Wilmington area lies Christina River.
It takes just about half hour from Chester by car ranges approximately 10-15 miles enabling Philadelphia-East Residents easy access which might prove useful if you’re planning seashore expedition this summer!


West Virginia shares a small border with Pennsylvania towards its south-western region known as Westmoreland county; while they may seem far away but if Pittsburg (the Steel city itself!) sits near the western part touching Ohio river help bridge West Virginia closer than what our maps