What is There to Do in Gettysburg Pennsylvania: Exploring the Best Activities and Attractions

**Short answer what is there to do in Gettysburg Pennsylvania:** Visitors to Gettysburg, PA can explore the historic battlefield and national park, visit museums, take ghost tours, discover local food and drink scenes, catch a theater performance, hike scenic trails or shop for unique souvenirs.

Exploring Gettysburg: The Ultimate Guide to Things To Do

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a historic and charming town filled with a rich past and plenty of things to do for all ages. Whether you’re a history buff looking to learn about the Civil War or simply in search of cozy restaurants and quaint shops, there’s something for everyone in Gettysburg. Here is your ultimate guide to exploring everything this historic destination has to offer.

1. Visit the Gettysburg National Military Park.

The Gettysburg National Military Park is the most visited destination in the area and for good reason. This park marks the site of what is often considered the turning point in the Civil War – where Union forces defeated Confederate soldiers in a bloody three-day battle. The park offers guided tours as well as self-guided walks and bike rides through historical landmarks like Little Round Top and Cemetery Hill, so soak up some American history while stretching your legs.

2. Explore downtown Gettysburg.

Stroll around downtown Gettysburg, where you can find everything from Civil War-era buildings (some of which still bear bullet scars), antique shops, art galleries, cozy coffee shops, clothing boutiques, candy stores (hello handmade fudge!) and more! Notable stops include Steinwehr Avenue, Baltimore Street and Lincoln Square where you will find plenty of places to explore at any time of day.

3. Go on a ghost tour

With its long history dating back to Colonial times combined with its frequent paranormal sightings many believe that it no surprise that Ghost Tours are popular options here! You can take an evening tour with lantern-wielding guides that will take you through historic sites where ghosts have been reported seen or heard over the years. With plenty of suspense factor sure keep very visitors intrigued it will be great one on one time with family members friends getting spooked together!

4. Be Spontaneous By Turning Off Your GPS

One fun activity which costs nothing is just to turn off your GPS and wander around Gettysburg. Leave the tour groups behind and follow backstreets where you will be delighted with beautiful homes, charming gardens, unique shops and artwork on walls. The joy of discovering lesser-known gems is an experience everyone should indulge in.

5. Raise a glass at local breweries and wineries.

Gettysburg is home to some fantastic craft brewing companies and wineries that provide great local libations for those wishing to relax with something brewed here locally. The newly opened Battlefield Brew Works (on Route 30) is best known for their history-themed brews while Adams County Winery invites you come enjoy their sunsets over the vineyards !

6. Take a scenic drive through civil war battlefields.

If you are true Civil War enthusiast, or simply like winding roads, then Gettysburg presents multiple opportunities exploring same route taken by soldiers during civil war times. These designated routes lead us through Pennsylvania countryside giving beautiful views over fields and hillsides dotted with blossoms throughout springtime months . You may even stumble catch glimpses deer, wild turkeys or foxes along the way bringing nature sights alive right up-close!

Wrapping Up

Get ready to fall in love with American history, get charmed by small-town life!, all of which awaits visitors in Gettysburg PA! As you pack your bags remember this guide to keep handy — there’s always something happening in Gettysburg!

How to Plan a Fun-Filled Trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a small town with a big history. Most famous for the battle that took place there in 1863, it’s now a popular destination for history buffs and families alike. But if you’re planning a trip to Gettysburg, how do you make sure it’s fun-filled and not just educational? Here are some tips for planning an enjoyable visit to this historic site.

1. Start with the Visitor Center

The Gettysburg Visitor Center should be your first stop when visiting town. This large, modern facility has exhibits where you can learn about the battle and its significance, as well as pick up tickets for guided tours of the battlefield. You can also grab maps of self-guided tours and browse the gift shop for souvenirs.

2. Take a Guided Tour

While it’s possible to explore the battlefield on your own, taking a guided tour will make your experience more meaningful and fun-filled. There are several tour companies in town that offer different types of tours: bus tours, bike tours, horseback riding tours – even ghost tours! A knowledgeable guide can bring the history to life and point out interesting facts and details you may have missed on your own.

3. Mix It Up

It’s tempting to spend all your time at Gettysburg reenactments or memorials to those who fought there – but don’t forget that there’s plenty more to see in this charming town. Take time to explore its quaint shops, restaurants, and museums like the David Wills House or The Shriver House Museum.

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4. Stay on Site

There are plenty of lodging options in Gettysburg; however we suggest staying at one of the many cozy bed-and-breakfasts near downtown which has historical charm mix nicely with modern amenities like Wi-Fi! Many B&Bs offer period-style decor or even Civil War-themed rooms that transport guests back in time.

5. Bring the Kids

While it may not be Disneyland, Gettysburg is still a great destination for families with kids of all ages. Children can participate in interactive exhibits at The Gettysburg Heritage Center or play soldier during a real Civil War reenactment -be sure to bring ear plugs!

In conclusion, planning a fun-filled trip to Gettysburg takes some thought and effort, but the result will be a meaningful experience that educates and entertains at once. Whether you’re interested in history, culture or just looking for an enjoyable family vacation spot – Gettysburg has something for everyone. With these tips in mind you can plan your own adventure and make some unforgettable memories while exploring the past of this iconic American landmark.

Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Historic Sites in Gettysburg

When it comes to historic sites, few places in America can match the significance and breadth of Gettysburg. As the site of one of the most important battles in American history, this small Pennsylvania town is a treasure trove of landmarks and memorials.

But with so many different sites to explore, it can be overwhelming for visitors to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you discover all the historic sites in Gettysburg.

Step 1: Visit the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center

Your first stop in exploring Gettysburg should be the National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center. Here, you’ll find an array of exhibits that provide a comprehensive overview of the battle and its significance.

Among the highlights are the museum’s collection of artifacts from both sides, including uniforms, weapons, and personal items carried by soldiers during the battle. There’s also a massive cyclorama painting that depicts Pickett’s Charge as it happened on July 3rd, 1863.

In addition to providing context for your visit, a trip to the National Military Park Museum will also give you an idea of which specific sites within Gettysburg interest you most.

Step 2: Tour Battlefield Sites by Car or on Foot

From there, it’s time to dive into the heart of Gettysburg by touring some of its most notable battlefield sites. Whether by car or on foot, there are several options available depending on your preferences:

– Self-Guided Auto Tour: If you prefer taking things at your own pace but don’t want to miss any important stops along the way, try a self-guided auto tour. The park provides detailed maps outlining key stops along three different routes ranging from 9-16 miles each.
– Guided Bus Tours: For those who prefer having someone else do the driving while they take in the history, there are several guided bus tours available. These range from standard group tours to specialty experiences with historians on board.
– Walking Tours: If you’re feeling up for some exercise and want to explore Gettysburg on foot, there are numerous walking tours available that will take you through some of the most significant areas of the battlefield. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Step 3: Check Out Cemetery Hill and Other Memorials

Beyond the battlefield sites themselves, there are also numerous memorials and landmarks throughout Gettysburg that commemorate the events of the battle. One such area is Cemetery Hill, which served as a key defensive position during the fight.

Other popular stops include:

– Little Round Top: A strategic hill occupied by Union forces during Day 2 of the battle
– Devil’s Den: A rocky outcropping used by Confederates as cover during Day 2
– The High Water Mark Monument: Commemorating Pickett’s Charge, this monument marks the farthest point reached by Confederate troops during the battle.

Step 4: Explore Historic Homes and Museums

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about what life was like for civilians who lived through the battle or want a deeper dive into specific aspects of both armies’ operations, take time to visit some of Gettysburg’s many historic homes and museums.

Some popular options include:

– The Jennie Wade House Museum: Site where a young woman was killed by a stray bullet while baking bread for Union soldiers
– The Shriver House Museum: A restored Civil War-era home providing an glimpse into civilian life in Gettysburg at the time of the battle
– The Gettysburg Heritage Center: Interactive museum detailing all aspects of Gettysburg’s storied past.

Overall, discovering historic sites in Gettysburg requires careful planning based on your specific interests. With our step-by-step guide to help you get started, though, your visit to this crucial piece of American history is sure to be one for the ages.

Frequently Asked Questions About What To Do In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is not only famous for being the location of one of the most important battles in American history, but it is also a vibrant tourist destination with plenty to offer visitors. If you’re planning a trip to Gettysburg and wondering what activities are available, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to help guide your itinerary.

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1. What are the must-see historic sites?

One simply cannot visit Gettysburg without visiting the battlefield where over 50,000 soldiers lost their lives during the Civil War. The Gettysburg National Military Park offers tours of the battlefield and numerous monuments that pay tribute to those who fought and died there.

The David Wills House, which served as President Lincoln’s overnight residence before delivering his famous Gettysburg Address, is another significant historical site that should be on your list.

2. What outdoor activities are available?

Nature enthusiasts can get their fill while exploring the beautiful Caledonia State Park or by taking a hike through Michaux State Forest. You can also go horseback riding or take a bike trip along one of several scenic routes. For a truly memorable experience, try hot air ballooning – seeing the rolling hills from above is sure to leave you breathless!

3. Are there any unique attractions or festivals?

Yes! One popular attraction is the Gettysburg Ghost Tours where you can discover haunted sites throughout town and hear stories about ghost sightings firsthand from experienced storytellers.

For beer connoisseurs, don’t miss out on Brew Fest held annually at Steinwehr Avenue offering delicious craft beers and live entertainment. Other festivities include apple picking during fall season at nearby farms and Christmas Traditions Open House from December 1st to January 31st in downtown stores offering tons of holiday cheers.

4. Can I bring my family with me?

Absolutely! Gettysburg is an excellent choice for a family vacation. The children will love visiting the Gettysburg museum where they can see real-life artifacts from the Civil War. Also, visit one of several local farms that offer farm tours, petting zoos, and hayrides.

5. What about food and dining options?

Gettysburg has plenty of unique dining experiences to offer its visitors. You can try the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine at places like Dobbin House Tavern or dine in cozy cafes and small bakeries that showcase great sweets and pastries while you enjoy beautiful views of historic downtown Gettysburg.

In summary, if you’re planning a trip to Gettysburg, remember to take in the historical sites such as the battlefield and David Wills House as well as get outside to appreciate nature’s beauty by exploring scenic parks; indulge in unique attractions such as ghost tours or seasonal festivals; bring your family so they can also appreciate history but with enjoyable activities for kids too! Finally, don’t forget to sample some fantastic local cuisine at quaint eateries around town – it’s all worth experiencing during your visit!

Top Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss in Gettysburg

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a charming and historic town that draws millions of visitors every year seeking to learn about one of the most pivotal moments in American history. The Battle of Gettysburg was fought from July 1-3, 1863, and it forever changed the course of the Civil War. Today, Gettysburg is a richly preserved testimony to this bloody conflict and its aftermath. There are plenty of attractions in Gettysburg worth visiting, but these are some top picks you simply can’t miss out on.

1. Gettysburg National Military Park – This is arguably the biggest draw in Gettysburg for those interested in learning more about the Civil War and the battle itself. The park offers many opportunities to explore various parts of the battlefield through guided tours or self-exploration with an audio guide. Visitors can immerse themselves in history through preserved ruins, monuments dedicated to soldiers who fought there, and interactive exhibits – all while taking in gorgeous views of rolling hills along the way.

2. National Cemetery – The cemetery was established to honor those who died during or as a result of the Battle of Gettysburg and has become an iconic landmark ever since President Lincoln delivered his famous “Gettysburg Address” here on November 19th, 1863. Be sure to visit this hallowed ground at dusk when Taps is played over loudspeakers, a tradition begun by Eisenhower himself.

3. Jennie Wade House Museum – This fascinating museum tells the story of Jennie Wade, who stayed behind within Confederate occupied territory because she worried about her family’s safety from sharpshooters outside their home which led her being killed during Picketts Charge; forcing an importnat change afterwards where civilians were not allowed anywhere near battles.

4. Ghost Tours – For those looking for something spooky after hours, there are several nighttime ghost tours available throughout town with trained storytellers to entice you down dark alleys and around notable haunted locations.

5. Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tours – If you don’t want to hoof it all over the vast battlefield itself, or just want an informative guide, then hop on a leisurely narrated bus tour that will take you past all key landmarks and stops at iconic monuments such as Little Round Top where Colonel Chamberlain wrapped his southern flank and thus saved Sickles’ failed line. It’s definitely worth checking out!

6. Eisenhower National Historic Site – The estate of General Dwight D. Eisenhower who served as the 34th President of the United States makes for another intriguing stop during your travels through Gettysburg. You can schedule a tour of this estate lovingly maintained by Park rangers with preserved room interiors and lovely gardens, adding a nice change from constant exposure to history battles and drama.

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7. Sach’s Covered Bridge – One thing people might not often think about during their visit to Gettysburg is its beautiful countryside; Sacks Covered bridge features in many stunning photos offering typical eastern Pennsylvania scenery connecting with local Amish communities – which are also worth exploration outside of historic circles!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of things to see, do, and experience in Gettysburg when planning your trip here. From immersing yourself completey in Civil War history on tours throughout the battlefield or property once owned by future US Presidents or maybe even getting spooked by ghost stories on nighttime walking tours…the options are endless!”;
The town has done an exceptional job preserving such rich testimony to our nation’s past while maintaining a perfect balance between educational & entertaining for visitors seeking refuge from big city life with a dash of culture instead.
Seize this opportunity now! Plan your visit soon if you haven’t already had been here before since I guarantee it’ll be an unforgettable trip filled with unique stories, breathtaking views and top-notch educational programming.

Getting off the Beaten Path: Unique Activities in and Around Gettysburg

If you’re planning a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, chances are you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. After all, this charming town in the heart of Adams County is famous for its rich history and pivotal role in the American Civil War. From battlefield tours and living history presentations to museums and monuments, there’s no shortage of things to do and see in Gettysburg when it comes to American history.

But what if you’re looking for something a little different? What if you want to explore some of the lesser-known corners of Gettysburg or embrace activities that veer off the path most travelers follow? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you – a list of unique activities in and around Gettysburg that will take your visit to new heights (and depths). So pack your bags, put on your walking shoes, and get ready for an adventure!

1) Take a Ghost Tour

Think you know everything there is to know about Gettysburg’s past? Think again! One way to get off the beaten path while still experiencing some local lore is through taking an eerie ghost tour. This area has long been believed by many as one of the most haunted regions in America, so it’s worth checking out whether or not ghosts truly walk among us.

Various establishments offer tours throughout town where trained guides lead intrepid guests through allegedly haunted locations amid darkened streets lit only by flickering candles. You’ll hear spine-tingling stories about soldiers who never returned home from battle or spooky occurrences at local taverns or hotels. Whether or not you end up seeing any spirits yourself – we’ll leave that entirely up to you.

2) Explore Caverns Beneath Your Feet

If spooks aren’t your cup of tea but subterranean scenery piques your interest, be sure check out any number of nearby cavern systems during your visit such as the Adams County Winery in Orrtanna, explore Indian Echo Caverns or Crystal Cave. These underground natural wonders are truly awe-inspiring and an experience unlike any other.

Indian Echo and Crystal Cave in particular take you deep into a world of stunning rock formations, reflecting pools, and hidden waterfalls. It’s as if you’ve descended to another dimension where the rules of light and gravity no longer apply. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see something that may seem mundane upon first glance from above ground.

3) Saddle Up For Horseback Riding

Want to explore some open country without having to do all the leg work? Check out local horseback riding guides like Granite Hill Camping Resort near Littlestown/Hanover. After being paired with one of their beautiful horses, you’ll trot off through rolling fields taking in picturesque countryside scenery as if it was lifted straight out of a John Steinbeck novel. It’s a great way to get back in touch with nature while experiencing something new and exciting.

4) Unleash Your Inner Foodie

Are your taste buds itching for freshness or trying unique-made cuisine that can’t be found anywhere else on planet Earth? Be sure to check out Battlefield Brew Works & Spirits Distillery as well as Hogestown Food Hub for some unforgettable culinary experiences in Gettysburg.

Battlefield Brewing is reputed for crafting beers made from locally sourced natural spring waters while its neighbor distillery specializes in spirits like whiskeys infused with peppercorn, hickory smoked bacon, or even s’mores. Hogestown Food Hub offers visitors opportunities such as making hand-crafted sausage rolls at home using locally grown herbs available there selling products fresh off farm along side unique food items prepared fresh daily on site. So whether you’re looking for a cold brew after touring historic sites, or ingredients aiming for fresher alternative on vacation evening meals – these options should not be missed!

5) Take a Hike

If you’re looking to get some exercise in while experiencing the area’s natural beauty, be sure to tackle local trails boasting scenic views such as the Gettysburg Trail at Sachs Covered Bridge or the more challenging Deer Trail-Knob. Though not as physically intensive, it’s also worth your while taking things easy with a leisurely walk around Biglerville’s apple orchards like those offered by Hollabaugh Brothers which offers up breathtaking fall vistas or pick strawberries during summer months for refreshing picnic usages!

In conclusion, whether you’re interested in history, nature, adrenaline-inducing rides or flavorful local culinary experiences – there’s something for everyone and experiences awaiting that lay off of the typical beaten path in Gettysburg. Venture out and explore what this region has to offer; you won’t regret it!