The Ghost Town of Centralia: How Many Residents Remain?

Short answer: How many people still live in Centralia, Pennsylvania?

As of 2021, only a handful of residents remain in Centralia. The borough underwent an evacuation due to a coal mine fire in 1962 and is now largely abandoned, with many buildings demolished and roads closed off.

Examining the Demographics: Step-by-Step Breakdown of Residents in Centralia, Pennsylvania

Located in the heart of Columbia County, Pennsylvania, Centralia is a small town that has recently gained attention for its unique situation. The town is constantly burning from underneath the surface due to an underground coal fire that has been burning since 1962. Despite this, Centralia still remains home to a number of residents who have refused to leave despite being advised to do so by officials.

The demographics of Centralia are interesting to say the least. According to recent estimates, the population of Centralia stands at approximately seven people. This number has dwindled significantly over the years as residents have relocated or passed on due to age and natural causes.

It’s important to note that the demographics of Centralia are not reflective of typical American communities. For one thing, all residents are above the age of 50 and predominantly male (with only two female residents). This means that there are no children or teenagers residing in the area.

Furthermore, the ethnic composition of Centralia is primarily white, with no visible signs of diversity or multiculturalism. Understandably so given its location in Pennsylvania where around 82% of individuals identify as white alone according to latest statistics provided by Census Bureau.

Another interesting characteristic about Centralia is its economic makeup. Majority of residents live off pensions and/or social security benefits which contributes towards their cost living whilst also freeing up their flexibility in accordance with what requires priority support such as essentials/products when supplies can only be sourced from distant locations via vehicles – which remains a necessity bearing their geographic isolation from nearby urban areas.

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Despite these unusual demographics, it’s important to remember that these individuals have chosen to remain in Centralia for various reasons – perhaps because they cherish memories or feel more connected staying close-knit with other locals who have made similar decisions against leaving behind their hometown despite conditions evolving year after year.

In conclusion, whilst most small towns fade into obscurity and decay due a wide variety unforeseen circumstances/incidents resulting in changes in demographics Centralia remains an anomaly even as it continues to shift and evolve over time. Its unique position as a coal mining town, which is still on fire and home to only seven individuals provides a window into the complexities of American small town life that can often get overlooked by policymakers focusing more on larger urban areas.
Frequently Asked Questions about Living in Centralia, Pennsylvania Today
Centralia, Pennsylvania is a small town in Columbia County that has been in the news for quite some time now. The reason behind this is the Coal Fire that has been burning underneath the town since 1962. Located about two hours north of Philadelphia and three hours west of New York City, Centralia used to be a thriving mining town with a population of over 1,000 people at its peak. But today, only a few residents remain.

If you are considering moving to Centralia or just curious about what it’s like living there today, I have compiled some frequently asked questions that will help you understand this unique place.

Q: Is it safe to live in Centralia?
A: Yes and No. While the Coal Fire poses no immediate danger since it only burns underground, the ground and air quality may not be as good as compared to other areas due to smoke and emissions from the fire. However, residents have their own independent water source that is tested regularly for safety.

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Q: How bad is the Coal Fire?
A: The Coal Fire has been burning for over 50 years now. It was started by an uncontrolled landfill fire that spread beneath an abandoned coal mine shaft. Today, it covers an area of around 400 acres and continues to burn at depths ranging from 75-300 feet below ground level.

Q: What happened to people who used to live in Centralia?
A: Most of them moved away after they received buyout offers from State Government in late 1980s when surface cracks began appearing due to heat from underground fire caused damage which could not be assessed/expertly repaired or deemed as unsafe conditions within properties /homes/buildings; As per recent census data only seven people still officially reside there.

Q: Why did some residents choose to stay despite warnings?
A: Some families have deep roots in Centralia and are unwilling to leave their homes even when offered large sums of money. Others are embarrassed by the negative attention the town receives and want to maintain a sense of normalcy and community.

Q: What are some things to do in Centralia?
A: Due to its small size, there aren’t many attractions in Centralia. But tourists flock to see the famous Graffiti Highway along with paintings that locals made on remaining blocks on Route 61 (after PennDOT cemented over actual highway) . You may also go for a walk through the abandoned streets or hike nearby trails.

Even though Centralia’s history is quite unique, it remains an interesting place worth visiting or even calling home for some people. However, you need to know what lies beneath before you make any decisions about moving there permanently.

Uncovering the Mysteries: Debunking Myths About the Population of Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia, Pennsylvania has been the subject of fascination for many years, due to the unique circumstances surrounding its population. This small town in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, was once home to over 1,000 people. However, today it is nearly abandoned and largely uninhabitable due to an underground fire that has burned beneath the surface since 1962. Despite this eerie environment, there are several myths and misconceptions about Centralia’s remaining population that need debunking.

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Myth #1: There are no longer any residents living in Centralia.

Though not many people live in Centralia anymore, there are still a handful of residents who have refused to leave their homes despite the ongoing mine fire. As of 2021, there were reportedly seven households still living in Centralia despite the potential dangers posed by the underground fire. These holdouts are commonly known as “fire loyalists” or “Centralians” and have become something of a legend among those interested in exploring abandoned places.

Myth #2: The mine fire is directly responsible for all of Centralia’s former residents leaving.

Although the mine fire undoubtedly played a major role in Centralia’s decline over time, it wasn’t necessarily what forced every resident out of town. In fact, only around half or so left due to health concerns regarding carbon monoxide emitted by the underground blaze. Many others simply moved away after they realized that property values had plummeted due to both aesthetic and safety concerns.

Myth #3: The town is entirely deserted and void of any notable landmarks.

While it may be true that most structures in Centralia have been demolished or deteriorated beyond repair over time from exposure to heat and gases from the subsurface coal seam that fuels the minefire; A few significant landmarks remain standing albeit dangerous sites that continue to attract urban explorers- including an old church with visible cracks now known famously as ‘The Graffiti Church’.

Making an effort to separate fact from myth helps to preserve essential truths about this small town and its history. While the mine fire in Centralia, Pennsylvania is indeed dangerous and unusual, it’s important to understand that there are still a handful of tenants who call the place home.

In conclusion, debunking myths revolving around Centralia is indispensable, as this draws a line between historical facts and fiction. Centralia’s fascinating story is nothing short of adulation-inducing but discovering actual tales will be more enlightening than believing misconceptions surrounding its population and environment.