Your Guide to a Simple and Quick Courthouse Wedding in Pennsylvania

Short answer how to get married at the courthouse in pennsylvania:

Couples can obtain a marriage license at any Register of Wills office, and once the waiting period is over, can choose to have their civil ceremony performed by a judge or district magistrate at any courthouse in Pennsylvania. Both parties must be present with valid identification.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Married at the Courthouse in Pennsylvania

With the ever-changing circumstances surrounding wedding planning during this pandemic, many couples have started considering a courthouse wedding as an alternative to their original plans. Courthouse weddings are a convenient, budget-friendly and practical option for many couples who are looking for a simple yet elegant way to tie the knot. In this article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about getting married at the courthouse in Pennsylvania.

What is a Courthouse Wedding?

A courthouse wedding is simply a civil ceremony performed by a judge or justice of peace at the government’s courthouse building rather than in a religious or private venue. The ceremony is short and straightforward with only the necessary legal requirements – there are no floral arrangements, tuxedo rentals, DJs, innovative centerpieces, or decor.

Can We Personalize Our Courthouse Wedding?

Of course! Although ceremonies conducted in courthouses tend to be short and non-religious (because they cannot infringe on any particular religion), you can still personalize your day through various means such as choosing your favorite outfits and flowers, writing heartfelt vows that you can exchange during your ceremony or even bringing along friends and family members to witness your union.

Do We Need Any Special Paperwork Beforehand?

The paperwork varies according to each state’s regulations but generally includes Obtaining a marriage license from your county office where both parties must present current identification such as driver’s licenses or passports. Both individuals need to be present unless prior arrangements have been made; things may seem tedious if you forget any vital documents. Be sure to organize all necessary documentation well in advance so that it doesn’t add undue stress closer to the day itself.

How Many Guests Can We Invite?

While having guests at real venues might put limits on numbers due to space restrictions, having guests attend for courtrooms weddings depends more on personal preference. A reasonable number of six guests could work however bear in mind COVID-19 safety protocols and restrictions in place which may also limit guest attendance.

How Much Does a Courthouse Wedding in Pennsylvania Cost?

Costs for courthouse weddings vary from state to state but are generally budget-friendly. In Pennsylvania, the marriage license application cost is and for the certified copies of your Marriage Certificate. Depending on whether or not you choose to have your Justice of Peace perform a ceremony there may be costs associated with that as well.

What Do We Wear to a Courthouse Wedding?

The golden rule here is to wear something you feel confident and comfortable in! Courthouse weddings don’t require any formal attire, don’t base on popular wedding standards like priestly officiants or bridesmaids’ dressing/groomsmen dressing expectations. However, it’s worth noting that some courtrooms may have dress codes such as no flip-flops or ripped jeans so check beforehand.

Are There Any Regulations Concerning Photography?

Yes and no. Photography “may” be allowed, but it entirely depends on the courthouse’s jurisdictions. Some buildings will allow photography within specific areas of it while others prohibit picture-taking altogether out of security concerns; it’s

Insider Tips for a Stress-Free Courthouse Wedding in Pennsylvania

As a digital assistant, I am programmed to provide insights and assist in various tasks. However, today I want to share some insider tips for having a stress-free courthouse wedding in Pennsylvania. Planning for your special day can be overwhelming, and the courthouse may not be the first option that comes to mind. Nonetheless, if you choose to have a courthouse wedding, here are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Book an appointment: Before heading out to the courthouse, it is advisable to book an appointment ahead of time. Scheduling ensures that there won’t be any unnecessary delays on the day of your wedding ceremony. You can schedule appointments online through most county’s websites or via phone call.

2. Have all paperwork ready: One thing that can cause delays on the day of your wedding is not having all necessary documents ready beforehand. Ensure that you have all required legal documents such as valid IDs, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees (if applicable) in hand before arriving at the courthouse.

3. Dress comfortably but stylishly: Just because it’s a courthouse wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up! Dressing stylishly can help make your day more memorable – plus it allows for beautiful photos later on! However don’t forget about comfort too since walking down hallways and sometimes standing around for some time might not allow high heels or tight clothing.

4. Keep things simple: The beauty of a courthouse wedding is its simplicity; there’s no need for grand decorations or elaborate arrangements – just what makes this moment special for both partners is enough!

5. Consider timing: Courthouses are often busier during the week when many people attend meetings like jury duty or divorce hearings – therefore consider marrying mid-week as Your big day has less chance of coinciding with these types of events.

6. Familiarise yourself with the location ahead of time: Knowing where things will happen inside the building promotes calmness and gives you a chance to take some pictures and plan the ceremony exactly as you want! Confusion can add more stress to your big day so, be sure to research which exit route will lead directly to where you will sign paperwork or any other taking-places.

7. Be prepared for security checks: Courthouses are high-security facilities and therefore expect security checks before being allowed into the building. Make sure that items like knives, scissors and perfumes don’t make it on your belongings as they might not be allowed inside for safety reasons.


8. Enjoy your special moment: Despite everything else, remember that this is Your day wherever it happens! So enjoy every single minute of it without stressing over every little detail. Whether at the courthouse or elsewhere, what matters most is that two people have committed themselves to each other in love forever – cherish and celebrate moments wherever they happen!

Yes, having a courthouse wedding may not include all the features of traditional wedding ceremonies but it certainly has its own way of making beautiful memories – sometimes appreciated more than any luxurious party reception! With these

Important Things to Know Before You Get Married at the Courthouse in Pennsylvania

If you and your partner are planning on getting married, you might be considering a courthouse wedding in Pennsylvania. Courthouse weddings have become an increasingly popular choice for couples who want to keep their celebration low-key, simple and affordable.

However, before you head down to the courthouse to finalize your nuptials, there are several crucial things that you need to know. From Obtaining a marriage license to understanding the legal requirements for a valid marriage ceremony, this article will help you prepare for your big day!

1. Obtaining a marriage license

Before getting married at the courthouse in Pennsylvania, you must obtain a valid marriage license from your local county office. Both parties need to appear in person with proper identification (e.g., driver’s licenses or passports) and pay a fee that ranges around $30-$50. You can then take the license with you when both of you visit the courthouse to legalize your marital status.

2. Choosing an officiant

The state of Pennsylvania requires couples seeking marriage through civil ceremonies at courthouses or town halls choose an authorized officiant such as district justices or magistrates who is legally allowed to perform marriages under state law. Some counties let judges perform these quickie marriages, but it’s always best practice checking in with them ahead of time what their policies entail regarding Civil Marriages before even setting foot into the venue premises.

3. Understanding legal requirements

In addition to obtaining a valid marriage license and choosing an authorized officiant for your ceremony, understanding legal requirements is essential before walking down the aisle at any type of ceremony whether traditional or Non-Traditional.

Pennsylvania laws require individuals seeking marriage be 18 years of age or older; otherwise court permission may be required if either one of them is younger than 18 years old but his/her partner over 18 qualifies as co-petitioner under limited circumstances explained here:

4. Planning the ceremony

Unlike a church wedding, remember there will likely be limited resources and options available by taking the courthouse route for proceedings of your marriage rites. Though marriage is a sacred commitment to each other, having funny personalities and humor and sense of light-heartedness can actually create special memories even if you do not have an elaborate set up going on such as an exchange of vows, rings or prayers.

In conclusion

If you are thinking about getting married at the courthouse in Pennsylvania, it is critical to understand the legal requirements, obtain a valid marriage license beforehand, choose an authorized officiant well versed in performing civil ceremonies set in scenario such as this – small & personal and have compact yet meaningful plans of executing your nuptials. With proper preparation and thoughtful consideration to details outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to tying the knot legally without breaking any laws!

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