Sweet Adventures: Exploring the Best Things to Do in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Short answer what is there to do in Hershey, Pennsylvania: There are many tourist attractions in Hershey that include tours of the chocolate factory, amusement park rides at Hersheypark, ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park and The Hershey Story Museum detailing the life of Milton S. Hershey. Other things to do include golfing, shopping, dining and visiting nearby historical sites such as the Gettysburg battlefield or Lancaster County’s Amish Country.

How To Make the Most of Your Time in Hershey, Pennsylvania: A Guide on What To Do

Hershey, Pennsylvania is known as “The Sweetest Place on Earth” for its rich history rooted in chocolate-making. But there’s much more to this charming town than just candy and chocolate tours! From amusement parks to outdoor adventures, Hershey has something for everyone – regardless of age or interests. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your time in Hershey:

1. Visit Hersheypark

If you’re a fan of roller coasters and thrilling rides, then visiting Hersheypark should be at the top of your list! With over 70 attractions spread across 121 hectares (300 acres), there’s something for every level of thrill seeker here. Don’t miss out on riding The Comet – an old-school wooden coaster that has been delighting visitors since 1946.

2. Take a Chocolate Tour

Although Hershey offers several different chocolate-themed experiences that take place year-round, taking a tour around the world-famous chocolate factory is certainly worth it if you’re learning or wanting to learn about chocolatiers who make all sorts of sweets last long despite heat from high humidity . Not only does it give you insight into how your favourite snacks are made but also allow tasting sessions with their expert knowledge personnel.

3. Explore ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park

Located adjacent to Hersheypark is ZooAmerica, where visitors can get up-close-and-personal with various species native to North America like prairie dogs wandering through manmade tunnels built inside enclosures showing animals’ typical habitats.

4. Go Antique Shopping at Antique Automobile Club Of America Museum Store Having got intrigued by enjoying such natural habitat by zooamerica park or famous theme ,the next stopover must be based upon shopping addiction.This delightful shop includes rare collector’s items related to automobiles along with Americana; One-of-a-kind trinkets that clearly depict great American spirit.In case someone happens being nostalgic to the time gone by, or have great liking for vintage things,this is just a shopping paradise!

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5. Relax at The Hotel Hershey Spa

After all that activity and excitement has worn you out, treat yourself to some relaxation and pampering with one of the city’s finest resorts spa known as “The Chocolate Spa”. With an array of treatment options ranging from massages to facials ,your mind,body and spirit will be rejuvenated post their chocolate treatments.The whole atmosphere here represents sweet presence making it perfect destination fpr feeling calm.

6. Get adventurous in The Great Outdoors

Hershey may be known for its chocolates but it’s also close range valley town full of natural beauty ( mostly during spring or fall season). Whether hiking trails through forests blooming those photographs clicked worthy flowers blossoming which involves horseback riding equestrian trails too Or kayaking trips down pristine rivers where paddle away can take you through wonders around vibrant colours leaves & fascinating wildlife- there are so many ways to explore this wonderful region.

In conclusion, Hershey offers an incredible variety of activities

Step-by-Step: Exploring Hershey, Pennsylvania and Its Attractions

Hershey, Pennsylvania is a charming little town filled with delightful surprises and heavenly attractions. Nestled in the heart of Lancaster County, this chocolate-themed city is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and an adventurous spirit.

Let’s take a step-by-step journey through Hershey and explore some of its fascinating highlights!

Step 1: Visit the Sweetest Place on Earth- Hersheypark

What better way to kick off our trip than by visiting the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers – Hersheypark! With over 70 rides and attractions spread out across 121 acres of land, there’s something here to satisfy everyone’s interests and exhilaration level.

From roller coasters that will make your stomach drop to live entertainment shows that will leave you mesmerized; there are endless things to see and do at Hersheypark. Be sure not to miss out on their famous Chocolate World attraction, where you can learn about the history of chocolate-making while indulging in free samples!

Step 2: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane- The Hershey Story Museum

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For all you history buffs out there or simply those who appreciate how fabulous it is when someone turns cocoa beans into chocolate squares – head down memory lane at The Hershey Story Museum.

This hands-on museum showcases Milton S. Hershey’s life story from his humble beginnings as an apprentice candy maker to become one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs quite literally built upon ‘sweet dreams’. Expect immersive exhibits such as “The Apprentice Program” which takes visitors back in time as if they were an actual candy factory worker learning what it took work in Mr. Hershey’s factories more than seven decades ago.

Step3: Art Appreciation Time – The AACA Museum (Antique Automobile Club of America)

Fans of vintage cars should certainly visit the Antique Auto Club Museum. For those interested in antique automobiles —from cars shaped like kettles to vintage race cars—- you will not be disappointed. With displays spanning across three floors, chances are you’re going to leave the museum feeling more than pleasantly exhausted!

Step 4: Admire Natural Beauty – Hershey Gardens

Need a break from man-made attractions? Less than a mile down the road lies one of Hershey’s best-kept secrets– The Hershey Gardens.

Stretching over 23 acres and home to about fourteen thousand flowers, these botanical gardens serve as an oasis for natural beauty in this dessert country. Be sure not to miss their Japanese Garden section; especially with its serene surroundings and beautiful bamboo trees that evoke peace and tranquility.

Step 5: Get Ready For Show Time – Sight And Sound Theater

Finally, finish your trip off with a show-stopping spectacle at one of America’s most impressive theaters. At Sight & Sounds Theatre in Lancaster County (only about twenty minutes away by car), audiences find themselves immersed into biblical stories like Moses via live-action performances featuring music, animation production or themed pyrotechnics displays making it soundless

FAQs About Things To Do In Hershey, Pennsylvania – Answered!

As a premier vacation destination, Hershey, Pennsylvania is chock full of activities and attractions for tourists to enjoy. However, with so many options available, visitors may find themselves at a loss in terms of where they should start or what they should prioritize on their travels.

To help ease the stress of planning your outing to Hershey, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs about things to do in the area – along with some witty commentary and clever explanations that you won’t find anywhere else!

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What kind of chocolate-themed activities can I expect from Hershey?

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room: chocolate. In Hershey (also known as “The Sweetest Place on Earth”), no trip would be complete without indulging in some delectable treats. With destinations such as Hersheypark (home to amusement rides themed after classic chocolate candies) or The Hershey Story Museum showcasing historical information about Milton S. Hershey and his famous company – visitors are sure to leave town feeling fully satiated.

Is there anything like roller coasters available for those who aren’t thrill-seekers?

If adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters and theme park rides don’t sound like your cup of tea then perhaps exploring parks such as ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park will suit your fancy! This location allows animal lovers to walk above tree-height bridges amongst otters; see cougars jump over waterfalls while appreciating native wildlife species roaming throughout its wooded habitats.

How does one tour historic sites across this charming little town?

Hershey is also home to several fascinating historic landmarks worth visiting such as Founders Hall at Milton Hershey School’s campus displaying expansive views during summer months and Christmas Light Show all winter long; Penn State Health Milton S. Medical Center featuring life-saving healthcare technology advancements made by hometown namesake entrepreneur himself!

For those looking for even more knowledge concerning Milton S.Hershey — To experience his legacy with a guide, visitors can embark on trolley tours taken throughout beloved town Hershey. These narrated adventures take passengers to many landmarks and nostalgic hotspots around age-old cocoa-infused community hub.

Are there any events or festivals that I should be aware of when traveling to Hershey?

Another study after chocolate within the Sweetest Place on Earth are notable for their annual festivities such as Christmas Lights Celebration during winter months(Noted as one of Pennsylvania’s best light display), Grammy Award-winning artists making appearances at nearby Giant Center arena in summertime; experience live concerts at home-field favorites Hersheypark Stadium, Zoo America Nights on selective dates during summer/fall to name just a few!

What is the most famous attraction near Hershey if you have extra time?
Without question it’d have to be Gettysburg national site full of Civil War history dating back further than industrialist legends but still worth an visit thanks 99 miles away from Smucker’s hometown site. A simple day trip opening up your touring options & takes some steps backward through significant moments in American