Football Betting Terminology and What You Need to Know

Football betting terminology is important knowledge that players should understand before registering to play. Today there are many diverse terms; For beginners, there is no way to avoid problems and feelings of confusion. These phrases have been formed and appeared since the birth of football betting until today. Please refer to the bet mobile article for detailed information related to this term.

What is the term football betting?

A term is a phrase used to express the nature and characteristics of something or an event that is taking place. The term applies to many different and interesting areas of our lives. Or, in short, the term represents generality and specificity for a representative topic.

The term soccer betting is a phrase that is often applied when betting on soccer. Those terms are translated into English words provided by the online betting house system. The origin of football betting is a topic originating in the European region. From there, it helps players understand and grasp the rules of the game more quickly.      

A detailed summary of football betting terminology

For disabled Asians

When choosing Asian betting odds to play, it is necessary to carefully understand the terms of this bet. Here is a summary of some football betting terms that you should not ignore:

Over is used to refer to the team that has to accept a disadvantage.

The underdog refers to the team that is at a disadvantage.

The handicap is the number shown in front of the betting odds with a minus sign. That is, if there is a minus sign, you can eat more and give less.

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In European handicap

Compared to Asian odds, European odds have fewer terms and symbols. Below are some commonly used terms for this type of bet.

Lose Half: the player loses half of the bet amount.

HT: the time of the first half ends, and refers to the first half of the game.

Odds: It is a unit for calculating European bets.

Additionally, for European handicaps, there are other terms:

1x: bet on the home team with a victory or draw.

2x: bet on the visiting team with a victory or draw.

1×2: indicates the handicap ratio.

1: the participant bets on the home team to win.

2: the player when betting in favor of the visiting team and winning.

x: word to bet that the final result of 2 teams will be a tie.


                                 In Over/Under bets

This way of playing with Over/Under odds is currently popular with many players. Since this way of playing is simple, you will quickly understand the rules of the game. When participating in betting, it is necessary to understand the following football betting terms:

Over (Over, abbreviated O): used to refer to the team with higher or higher odds when participating in bets. For Over to win, the total number of goals scored must be greater than the odds given by the bookmaker. By now you’ve surely looked for an answer to what ends in football betting.

Under: used to refer to the underdog. In the event that the total number of goals in the match is less than the odds given by the house, the player who plays the Under bet will win.

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                     The terms are brief and easy to understand

Understanding football betting terminology helps readers a lot while playing. Short, easy-to-understand terms help players understand how to play. Hopefully, the above exchange will provide readers with a lot of extremely useful information.