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Here is the “International Property Maintenance Code 2006” and Chapter 178 which is the modifications to it as adopted by the Linesville Borough.

In other words, Chapter 178 and the International Property Maintenance Code 2006, both available for download below, are required to know the Property Maintenance Code as it applies to Linesville.

The Property Maintenance document will open in Adobe Reader. The document was scanned using Optical Character Recognition, meaning it is searchable. If you put words or phrases into the Adobe Reader search bar it will take you to those words in the text.

property maintenance code linesville
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Other downloads.
Visit the Linesville Ordinances page for documents specific to ordinances.
4 comments on “Resource Links and Document Downloads
  1. Patty Brown says:

    I have a question concerning the recycling pick up. Do we have to have specific recycling containers and if so, where do we get them?

  2. Tom Deighton says:

    Patty as I understand it you get a separate trash can and label it “Recycle.” Put all your recycle trash in that. You don’t need to separate items. You can use multiple containers if you like and you can separate if you like.

    I also understand that you can get containers from Waste Management at $3 per month, billed annually.

    • Patty Brown says:

      So, we don’t have to have one specifically from Waste Management? Just a separate one labeled as Recycling?

  3. Tom Deighton says:

    Yes, just get another trash can, label it “Recycle,” place all your recycle articles in it and put it out with the regular trash every other week.

    Check the Waste Management Letter (downloadable on this page: “Waste Management and Recycling Information”) for specific dates and recyclable articles.

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