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Dispose of Properly

Dispose of Properly

I’ll be updating this information as I acquire more details. For the sake of providing information quickly, I will just copy my facebook posts here. If you have an account at facebook and you’re interested in Linesville affairs, please “Like” Linesville, PA Community facebook page. It looks like that will be the first place information and links will be posted.

Posted by Tom Deighton 01/09/13 @ Linesville, PA Community facebook page:

No more TV sets, computers, peripherals, or “covered electronics” in the trash, was announced at Linesville Boro Council. It’s not Linesville’s idea or just in Linesville, it’s State Law.

I will be posting information on the Linesville Boro website with details as I acquire it. For now here is an informative article from The Crawford County Solid Waste Authority website: http://www.countyrecycling.com/crawford/

Of course I will post a link here when that information is online. David Schaef of The Community News attended the meeting, I’m sure there will be information in the upcoming 01/14/13 edition of Community News. (posted by Tom)

Posted by Tom Deighton 01/10/13 @ Linesville, PA Community facebook page:

As I posted yesterday, Waste Management, serving Linesville will not pick-up electronic components such as Television sets and computer towers.

I just spoke with “Jason” at Meadville Staples. They will accept up to five items per day for electronic recycling. They offer this service at no charge.

If you have a particularly large item, such as a television over 25 inch screen, they would appreciate a call ahead. I’m told their recycling space is limited. Meadville Staples – 337-5515

Here is a link to Staples website: http://www.staples.com/

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