How Would You Improve Linesville?

What would you like to see in Linesville? Start the process by making a comment and starting that discussion.

*Update 11/17/12 > At our support meeting 11/16/12 I was demonstrating how to add a blog category and make a post to it. Kevin McGrath suggested a category dedicated to suggestions and discussions about how Linesville could be improved. This “Linesville Improvement” blog category was created for that purpose. Use the comment section to post your suggestion.

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4 comments on “How Would You Improve Linesville?
  1. I don’t believe there needs to be another building torn down and another parking lot put in, It would be nice to see some help for from council to help owners to finding some grant funding to repair and get the town some new business. New Business needs to either buy rent our open in this town or it will be nothing but a Ghost Town. There has got to be a better way of helping than destroying the historic buildings and putting in another Dollar Tree. Please work with the owners instead of fining and finding more ways to stop the town from growing. I know for a fact that one owner has been working with Borough and it has been a struggle. Kevin McGrath put it out there, Instead of harping on your neighbors hardships reach out and help them. I have been doing that exact thing.

  2. James (tom) Mccord says:

    I grew up in linesville,I moved to Texas at 16,I miss it ,always have I’m,44 now and I always wonder about the people I went school with.

  3. Tom Deighton says:

    Thanks for your comment, James. Did you know you could purchase a digital edition of the Community News? There’s a lot of Linesville related news there.

    or you can visit the Community News website for some updates:

  4. Destinee Newberry-Saxton says:

    I believe we should have a recycling plan put in place for the entire community. I also believe we should have a town-wide cleanup annually every year. I know we have Waterfowl every year but maybe do another thing for 4th of July? Have volunteer opportunities to help paint buildings that hold all of the businesses? Just to make it look cleaner. I also think we should have recycle bins along with the trash bins during the summer. Not only do we need to make Linesville a nicer community but the world we live in as well. Just a few ideas!

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